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iQ PaneL


Experience the pleasure of overlapping panels.Simple operation feeling .And deep addictive are waiting .
From there is the beginning of the world's "iQ PaneL".
----------------------------------------------------------▼ The simple way to play ▼To work out and pull the panel in 5×5 of the field.It is possible that this is the only.
Panel coalesce value by overlaying the same number will increase by one.[1] ← [1] When overlaying[2]
[5] ← [5] When overlaying[6]
It contains the score in accordance with the superposed panels.Large numbers panel, it becomes the goal is to earn a high score.
----------------------------------------------------------▼ deep combo system ▼This is a combo system that can erase multiple panels in one hand.You can proceed with the thing advantageously puzzle master.
[3] [2] [1] ← [1] If we come up with[3] [2] will [2], then[3] becomes [3], finally[4]
It will also be high score by utilizing the combo.Let's aim aggressively.
----------------------------------------------------------▼ 2 game modes ▼The two modes with different characteristics I've prepared.
【Puzzle】Panel will born one time you hit hand 1.Since there is no time limit, it is recommended for people who want to carefully play sit down.
【Action】Panel you were born one at regular time intervals.Since there is no labor restrictions, it is recommended for those who are confident in reflexes, dynamic visual acuity.
----------------------------------------------------------▼ online rankings ▼[Puzzle] [Action] together, it is corresponding to the online rankings.Let's compete a powerhouse player and score around the world.
----------------------------------------------------------▼ Recommended for Travellers ▼・I Love puzzle game.・I want something began to blur prevention.・2048 fits absolute if you like.
----------------------------------------------------------▼ option settings ▼SE (ON / OFF)BGM (ON / OFF)Change of rankings for the nickname.
----------------------------------------------------------▼ Special Thanks ▼[BGM]Desk Top Mafia-like